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Very cute for a one-peice

dress women review Jantzen Womens Casablanca Peplum Bandeau

Jantzen Womens Casablanca Peplum Bandeau

First, lycra caps are not for keeping your hair dry or water out of your ears. Lycra caps are designed to keep your hair out of your face (if your hair is that long) and out of other swimmers' mouths. Lycra caps are generally comfortable to wear and do not pull your hair when you put them on or take them off. I began wearing caps in the old days when most pools required caps to protect the filter system. Compared to Speedo lycra cap, the Tyr is slightly larger, the fabric is slightly heavier weight, and the sewing is slightly more robust. Together that means I prefer the Tyr by quite a bit. But if your head is very small, the Speedo may be a better fit. Remember to rinse the cap after each swim and it will last a lot longer but no lycra caps will last more than a few months (you will need at least 2 to get through a long summer season of daily swims).

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