Senin, 29 Juli 2013

5 Star Item

shoes man Surfer Dude Protective Swimsuit Swimwear

Surfer Dude Protective Swimsuit Swimwear

I bought this swimsuit because it is 100% polyester and supposedly it will hold up well in a swimming pool. I'm wearing it for an aquaraerobics class (I've worn it for a week's worth of classes, 5 times, so far). I haven't had it long enough to say if it will hold up better than the nylon/spandex one I was wearing (that stretched out to where I couldn't wear it in less than a month). However, this Speedo seems very well-made and substantial. It doesn't stretch, so if you buy one be sure to get one that fits your largest measurement (for me it was the hip size that mattered). Even though this suit has very high-cut leg openings compared to what I'm used to wearing , it covers my butt, it's extremely comfortable, and it's easy to get into (dry) and out of (wet or dry).

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  1. I received this as a gift for my 2 year old son. The fit is great. I always have a problem with swim shorts falling down and these stayed up! The color is great. I love the zipper on the shirt. I want to buy the other color offered but they dont have anymore in my sons size.

  2. I got one for my nephew! His parents love it -- and my brother and his wife appreciate how easy it is to get on and off; although watching them struggle, while the little one runs around in circles as they attempted to peal off his wet shirt, was amusing. The SwimZip makes their lives that much better. Great product -- need to pick up another for their next kid!

  3. Felicia Clarke20 Oktober 2011 15.32

    These swimsuits have made beach time fun again! We used to struggle with pulling on swim shirts, I don't even want to talk about taking a wet swim shirt off. I will never be able to go back to a rash guard again. I saw SwimZip on Fox News and went to their website and saw such cute styles! Then I saw they were on amazon prime and I had to order two for my 6 month old son! AMAZING. I love this product.
    If you are a parent worried about sun protection for your kids, this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT. Easy to put on and take off with the zipper. They didn't have a tag on the neck so no itch irritated necks, and the had something covering the top of the zipper so it didn't scratch my son's neck. PERFECT.
    I am ready to order more sizes!

  4. Betsy at SwimZip really went above and beyond with customer service for the SwimZip items we ordered as Christmas gifts for friends with babies and toddlers in warm-weather locales. Really cute and durable products - great service - we highly recommend SwimZip!

  5. Love Jacks new SwimZip and cannot wait to see the new 2013 line!! It's soft and perfect to protect my little guy from the sun!! Best invention ever:)

  6. As a father of five I have enough on my mind when my children are in the sun. Thank goodness for SwimZip!!

    My wife believes this is the best discovery I've made... What a sweetheart.