Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Bond Mania at its best

wtches Thunderball


Far and away my favorite Bond movie of all. Many people complain that it's a slow film, but it still boasts some great action sequences (underwater fighting is inevitably going to be at a slower pace than on the ground). John Barry's score reaches its pinnacle here, especially in the underwater scenes where there's obviously no dialogue. Add on to that, one of my favorite Bond girls, the sexy Domino, and Blofeld's rogue-ish Number 2, Emilio Largo, one of the best villains (by the way, this is the first appearence, both in the film and in the book, of Bond's nemesis Blofeld).

One of the biggest factors in making Thunderball my favorite Bond movie is the beautiful locale: The Bahamas. Bond goes tropical! Can't get any better.

This is Connery's last Bond movie where he seems to still be having fun in the roll (he was obviously getting tired of it by You Only Live Twice), and the film sparkles for it. The interplay between Bond and villainess Volpe is especially entertaining.

Arguably the last true classic Bond movie in a row (You Only Live Twice is very good though, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service is vastly underrated), Thunderball feels like perhaps the ultimate Bond movie of them all. Nobody does it better.

I recommend seeking it out.

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  1. I am interested to know how much people spend on the Lottery. Also what games do you play, Lotto, Thunderball etc.... And finally does putting say ten pounds a week on make much of difference from putting only one pound on?

  2. Derrick Cantrell10 November 2011 10.32

    He already made thunderball and never say never again was based on the same story so what's the point? Wasn't it just like making the same film?

  3. Is it true that you win £3 for getting just the thunderball on its own or am I mistaken? Thank you.

  4. I usually get the lotto but accidentally got the thunderball and was wondering if u still get a tenner for 3 numbers?

  5. I've got a James Bond Thunderball book from the 60's. Its in great condition and its the one with (faux) bulletholes in the cover. Is this worth a bob or two?

  6. I'm wanting to start playing thunderball as it's the only one i have yet to play, I know the top prize is £500,000 but just wondered if anyone knows the odds on each tier? Thanks in advance :)

  7. Shane Cunningham26 Desember 2013 12.32

    I want to know if Moonraker or Thunderball have deleted scenes... go they. Do any other 007 film have deleted scenes?