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Perfect for busy physicians/health care workers

ring review CALENDAR ltd paper sleeve 24bit JULIE LONDON

CALENDAR ltd paper sleeve 24bit JULIE LONDON

This bag can be a 5 star review or a 1 star review. It all depends on what you will be using it for. For my needs, its perfect. The quality is what you would expect for a 10 dollar belt bag. The leather is fine and the interior is sturdy and strong. If youre buying this bag to carry a 44 mag with a 7 and a quarter inch barrel, then its not for you. If you plan on putting your entire contents of your old purse in it, then again, its not for you. If you want to put your billfold, glasses, a few odd and ends, extra cash and such, then this bag is perfect. What do you expect for 10 dollars. Im using it to carry my finds from metal detecting. I can carry my pin pointer in it (with part still hanging out) my 4 inch coil, some cash and whatever I find within around 8 inches to a foot long. It has small pockets next to the belt which is perfect for extra cash and change. You can carry a wallet and sunglasses with whatever small items you wish.
So far I have put my 38 with 3 inch barrel, my billfold, loose change, sun glasses, cell phone, mp3 player, and a pair of gloves in mine. I still have plenty of room for some small items if needed.
So again, this item is good or bad, depending what youre using it for. The leather is nice looking and strong. The interior is fine. For 10 bucks its well worth the price.

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