Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

Coverage for my tween but not too baby-ish looking

shoes Speedo Girls Spectacular Splatter Splice

Speedo Girls Spectacular Splatter Splice

I have not swum in this suit yet, so these are my first impressions. It's a surprisingly good fit for me; I'm a muscular 5'6", 2X with an average-length torso, and unless the suit stretches out a lot, it should remain a good fit lengthwise. Coverage is excellent - I have been twisting and bending in all directions and there's no gapping, everything remains nicely covered even when I bend way forward. The cut around the thighs is more modest than most swimsuits I've found, more so than in the pictures, and yay! it doesn't look prone to riding up in the rear. There's a noticeable flattening effect on the tummy when I'm standing, less when I'm seated but I'll cover up out of the pool anyway. The foam cups seem to be more for modesty than any real support effect, but the shaping is good without the unflattering uniboob effect a lot of suits have.

The two things I like less are:

- the clip, which I struggled with a bit - I'd prefer a regular x-back but like the other customer whose clip broke I would improvise because the fit's so good.
- some what look like permanent fold marks in the black fabric; these may fade out over time and I'm not going to exchange for that. In fact I'm buying the other colorway as well.

I would recommend this for the plus size woman who doesn't like showing off cleavage and lower areas when she swims or hangs out by the pool. Definitely an athletic look rather than glamorous.

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  1. Victor Dillard30 Oktober 2011 04.32

    My daughter is enjoying this suit. I bought speed-dry shorts to wear over it too. The combination is perfect for the pool, water-park and sailing lessons. No worries about it riding up, straps falling off, or modesty issues.

  2. The item arrived fast, fit perfect, and good material. We usually have issues with the size not been right and too small for the size listed. This item fit just right on my girl and we are pleased with it.

  3. This swimsuit is perfect. Wide armholes, comfortable fit through the torso and does not ride up behind. My daughter is a beginner swimmer and I know I will be buying again. Please make this in different colors.

  4. I bought this for my daughter, who is almost 12 yrs, and this fits her very well with her slim and longer torso. I like the wide shoulder bands and daughter likes the back with more coverage. Speedo sizes tend to be cut smaller, but I found this particular style doesn't widen out at the bust or waist area with larger sizes.

  5. True to size and image.
    My daughter loved it! First time she wore it, she did 6 laps. No wedgies when she dives with this suit! I just ordered another one at a few days ago!

  6. Maggie Freeman18 Oktober 2013 10.32

    It fits her well and looks great on her. It seems to have solid construction and holds up to washing.