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Two fascinating albums

camera review Calender Girl Your Number Please

Calender Girl Your Number Please

I have long considered "Your Number Please", by Julie London and Andre Previn to be one of the finest recordings of popular American music. To me, it ranks with the Doris Day/Paul Weston "Day By Day"/"Day By Night" collaborations. Miss London's hit single "Cry Me A River" and her first LP "Julie Is Her Name" exemplify that she was showcased by some fine jazz talents, most notably guitarist Barney Kessel. In this collection, Andre Previn provides Julie a canvas of lush, soaring string s and reeds that is plenty jazz inflected. Musically, both artists are perfectly suited. The result has an ethereal quality. The listener feels swept to a point somewhere in the clouds. "They Can't Take That Away From Me" and "Our Love Is Here To Stay" are among the most beautiful renditions of Gershwin. "One For My Baby" and "Learnin' the Blues" prove that Julie can take saloon songs and make them hauntingly gorgeous. Thanks again, Mr. Previn. Of all Julie's recordings, I sense that "Your Number Please" was the best in technical engineering .

"Calendar Girl" with the Pete King Choral, is not only just plain fun, but has the same ethereal quality when it comes to the ballads. Julie's husband, Bobby Troup wrote "February Bring s the Rain" which has long been a favorite of mine. I consider it a trademark of Julie's. Another beautiful original is "November Twilight". It will take you to that deserted bandstand in the park. Julie's collaboration with Pete King and the singers gives "Calendar Girl" a wistful personality. I recommend it to those who love the fall season especially.

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