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Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Vinyl Tape Measure

swimsuits reviews Singer 96 Inch Extra Vinyl Measure

Singer 96 Inch Extra Vinyl Measure

It did take a little while for this product to be shipped to me, keeping me anxious in trying them out. But once I received them in the mail, I was THRILLED to discover how easy they were to put into the bikini pad inserts, and they INSTANTLY made "everything" look more appealing. I've been having this issue with a certain bikini top because it tied in the front, and it didn't lift the way I wanted it to. But once I put the Swim Shapers in, they completely did what I wanted them to do. Provide the perfect lift, that didn't look fake or like something was in my top. This is a MUST BUY if you want just a firm lift for your bikini top. The pads are not rediculously firm either, but rather very comfortable. Haven't tested them out in a pool yet, but I'm sure they will be just fine (: I had to order the cup C/D even though I am a 34B...but thanks to another review someone wrote, I was lucky (: The pads "create" the c/d cup. Just keep that in mind before you order them. Besides that, no problem what so ever! MUST BUY!

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  1. I'm glad I got this one with a little extra length, works as it should obviously and the length makes it worth the price, don't think it's vinyl though lol

  2. Katherine Shepard30 November 2010 06.32

    Pros: Long, tough, has both measurements on it (one side in inches and the other side in centimeters), and is sold at a great price.

    This is exactly what I wanted.

  3. I loved this tape it is nice to have the extra lenght as well.. I also see that it says that is fiber glass instead of Vinyl when you get the package.. but I have not had a problem with it.. I also accidently sniped in to the tape with my sissoirs when I was cutting tulle but it didnt tear and has not ripped any further then the tiny snip I made.. SO I think that it has done its job and will be pay for another one if needed in the future..

  4. Corrine Hammond18 November 2011 13.32

    When I was young, I remember my mother using a measuring tape to take our measurements, and she would then make clothes for us. This tape is exactly what I wanted--a soft flexible tape that does exactly that--take my measurements. I'm not using this to make clothes, but it is HANDY when buying clothes online.

  5. Christian Galloway24 November 2011 10.32

    I purchased this as a beginning sewer and to take my measurements for on-line clothes purchases. It is exactly what you would expect: 96 inches long and flexible. The metal ends and vinyl make the tape measure feel very durable. This should last me a long long time. I shouldn't have to repurchase one unless I loose it!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.

  6. Eunice Alexander22 Oktober 2012 05.32

    The extra length (96" vs 60" with most) is quite handy for body measurements if one is a larger individual. The tape is soft, flexible and accurate to my standard tape measure.

    If you need a flexible measuring tape, and think the extra length is needed this is a good one.

    As others have mentioned, the back of the package does say it is fiberglass, which is fine with me.

  7. Nathaniel Bradshaw26 Oktober 2012 04.32

    Great item to measure your body if you are dieting and want to know if you are losing inches then this is the item you will need. This measuring tape is made of vinyl and this makes it easy to measure as well as to store.

  8. Cody Schneider12 Oktober 2013 16.32

    It's a tape measure, easy to use, nice big letters, seems quite accurate. Cats love chasing it around the house as an added feature bonus.