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Amazing show - will generate new users for Amazon

kitchen faucets review Pilot HD

Pilot HD

I am very excited about Amazon Studios and creating new content for users like myself. When I first read the pilot line up, there were a few shows which sounded interesting. Alpha House, in my opinion, is the shining star of the group. I have always been a huge John Goodman fan. This role is a perfect fit for Goodman. The rest of the cast perfectly alligns to create quite an ensemble.

The writing is clever and funny. There are a lot of layers to the show's writing. The comedy reminds me of the Simpsons. I watched it twice and picked up on different parts each time I watched it.

I am giving this 5-stars. The reasons being:
- Great writing
- Perfect casting
- Enough star power for some great guest appearances (Stephen Colbert on Episode 1)
- Subjects/language fitting for this type of show and unable to be found on network sitcoms

This has the benefit of looking like the highest budget pilot of the group. It's certainly the most polished. That helps it stay at an advantage point over the animated pilots, but I watched it and already can't wait for more. If this doesn't make the cut, I will be very sad.

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  1. Maryanne Hebert25 November 2010 08.32

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  2. I accidentally started downloading the Kings pilot, which was free and came with both a normal and an HD version. Now it won't stop downloading and have no interest in 2 Gbs of a show I already watched. Everytime I get on iTunes, it starts to download, even though I right-click and delete it (or pause, delete) everytime it starts. How do I stop it forever?

  3. My dad is a pilot and I would like to get him an Apple computer for Christmas. He travels alot (duh) and would need something that travels well and is fairly easy for a person who hasn't used apples to use (I have but he hasn't much) He would also like versatility and it doesn't have to have a big screen size either (of course).

  4. Everyone has said it doesn't need to be done but now were running too lean.

  5. I'm watching the pilot episode of House which is now in syndication, and the video quality is awful. This is a fairly new show, and the date on the pilot is 2004 - so we're not talking dramatic leaps in technology either (and I'm not talking about HD vs SD). It's airing on the same Fox station that I watched this past week's new episode, and the difference is day and night.