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Attention to all young ladies!

swimsuits Secret Keeper Delicate Power Modesty

Secret Keeper Delicate Power Modesty

I truly do love this book. I saw it on the internet and ordered it, and what a blessing!! Modesty in our day in age is so rare now--even among Christians. This book was so needed, and wonderfully written. It talks not only about "dressing" modestly, but about modesty of the heart, and much more. It even showed the guy's perspective when we do dress immodestly--which really showed me A LOT! I would have not known, and it's so wonderful that Dannah wrote about it. We females need to realize what we do to the men around us when we dress immodestly. Especially Christian men. We think it looks good, but we forget about the men around us and the struggles going on in their minds. What an eye opener!

It not only talks about that dressing modestly is because God tells us to and it pleases Him when we do, but she explains that the Bible tells us that we are only to "intoxicate" one man with our beauty and the deepest secrets of our bodies. And when we dress immodestly, we allow "many" men to lust after us, which is sin.

There's much more I could say about this book, it is so wonderful! I have found myself reading it over and over again. It is easy to read, yet packed with tons of great info that all Christian and non-Christian females need to hear.

Every female should read this book!

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