Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

I love it

bike trailer Seafolly Womens Matt Retro Black

Seafolly Womens Matt Retro Black

I love this much so that I then ordered its sister top "Stripe It Or Not".

It's a "FULL TANKINI", meaning that it has flair and swing and doesn't hug your body - which is exactly what I wanted to help hide a few pounds I'm still self conscious about. I bought the Tankini is size L

Seems SOME people thought "full tankini" meant it came with the bottoms. Silly people! Most tankinis are separates where you have to buy the bottoms as well - that's why tankinis are great because it allows you to custom-build a comfortable swimsuit.

PLUS, Amazon showed three different styles of Ocean Avenue bottoms right NEXT to the picture of the tankini top.

I purchased the short, flirty skirt bottom, as well as the adjustable pant by the same company. I bought them both in L and XL and wound up keeping only the Adjustable pant, size L.

It's beautiful and comfortable and the price is great. I'm so happy i found this.

Just be SMART and read the description. Common sense is key in life!

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