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camera review Braza Swim Companion Flash S1015

Braza Swim Companion Flash S1015

I've tried several different types of wet bags and this has been my favorite so far. It is made of the same PUL type fabric as the Planet Wise diaper pail liners, and as such is easier to care for than the Wet Happened bags that I also have. Some things to consider:
1) With 2 children in diapers now, I can hold about 2 days worth of diapers, though that obviously varies with the age of the child, the type of diapers used, and the day (in general).
2) While the bag does an excellent job of keeping moisture and smells inside, it is in the end just a bag. It will be fine for a couple of days, but it does start to leech out a bit of moisture and smell. While one expects this of a diaper pail in one's one house, if you are using this for traveling, realize that this may become stressful in a house that doesn't belong to you. We let it go for 3.5 days once because we weren't sure how our friends would feel about us putting dirty diapers in their washing machine. Instead I ended up scrubbing carpet (where the bag sat) and airing out the room to remove the evidence of our stay (it cleared out quickly :-) ). The next time I just brought my detergent with me and did a wash on day 2- there was zero smell and everything was completely dry.
I highly recommend this bag for short or overnight trips. It can hang on a door or hook, but I hate having things hang from my doorknobs, so I can't comment on the effectiveness of that. The handle is nice for carrying it when full. For home use, I still prefer a pail with a liner. It's a lot easier to tap open a pail lid with my wrist than to try to unzip a laden wet bag with one hand while holding a dirty diaper and a child.

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  1. Florence Schroeder24 Desember 2010 09.32

    I was afraid this tape wouldn't hold, but I was proven wrong. Really holds fast to both skin and fabric. Be careful when removing so as not to injure skin or tear the garment because it does stick fast. Removes clean when care is take.... Recommend!

  2. Janice Jefferson25 November 2011 03.32

    I love this two sided tape and use it for swimsuits as well as regular wardrobe necessities. It doesn't hurt too much either when you take them off at the end of the day. Holds up well.