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Spirm Jock Doesn't Take a Dive or Does He?

dress woman review Spirm Jock ebook

Spirm Jock ebook

I have been searching so hard to find an appropriate swimsuit for this summer! I stumbled across boyleg swim attire and found this little jem! I am a 20 years old so I wanted a one piece that doesn't make me look 12-years-old or like a mom; I wanted something fashionable, something attractive. I am 5'2", 115lbs, size 33 B/C cup and have a large-ish butt for my size. The x-small fits perfectly! It covers my butt and doesn't show too much cleveage but is fitting in all the right places. The slight ruffles in the front hide any bloating or tummy chub and the pads in the top portion give a perfect little lift.
The only complaint I would have is that the picture made the red/white one look pink. I was excited for the pink until I received a red/white suit. I checked its profile and sure enough, it says red/white right there. Good thing I love red too! I should have read more carefully and not relied on how the picture looks on my particular computer. No worries though. Still very satisfied and very appropriate!

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  1. If you enjoy Austin Powers you will like Spirm Jock. If you don't appreciate Austin-type-humor, you will probably still like this book for it's other qualities. There is so much action happening here that it is one of those books that you can read several times and get something more out of it each time. The imagery and jokes come fast and furious and there is definitely some innuendo (a lot, actually) but it's tastefully done and light-hearted. I've never read a book like this before. It is definitely different. Lots of swimsuits, crazed groupers (girls, not fish), and paranormal stuff weaved throughout as well. Anything goes in Spirm Jock and that's why it's so wonderfully fun.

  2. Honestly, my mother was laughing so much when reading the Spirm Jock book that I asked her what she was reading (dumb, I know). Anyway, I found out Spirm Jock was the culprit. She then told me I had to read it for myself, which, given the title, I was VERY skeptical, but Mom won't take no so I started reading (honestly just to get her to hush it up.) To my surprise, I kept reading and finished the book in a couple hours. It is unique and funny.

  3. Spirm Jock is like nothing I've ever read. The author's writing style is whimsical and rapid; the reader is swept up in the story and laughing all the way. The fact that the main character is a grand champion waterfall jumper alone is incredibly unique and Spirm Jock's voyage from Australia to the Midwest is illustrated perfectly with the accompanying prose. We've got groupies, mother-in-law's, father's that were former underwear models (Ew!) and so much else going on it is a crazy blast from start to finish. Romance, silliness and quirkiness about the world and human nature abound in this book. A fine, fun read.