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Nice suit.

camera review Roamans Womens Solid Banded Swimdress

Roamans Womens Solid Banded Swimdress

I just got this in the mail and am in love. The tattoo print is so awesome. The sides on the bottoms tie and are completely adjustable. The material is so soft and comfortable, but lined to be discreet. The top fits a large chest great! I was worried bc sometimes larger chests fall out the sides and the middle of suits like this...but not this one! Holds me in and up. I am going to try and find this suit in as many other colors and patterns as possible. Great buy! My husband is a big fan of this suit! One warning...even though it says moderate coverage in the back...if you have a bit of junk in the trunk, you might have a little cheekiness going on. But, it's not like a brazilian, just a little sexier than a regular back! It hides any tummy issues for us ladies who have stretch marks and a pooch from child birth. I usually wear a 12/14 and a DD cup. I bought the XL and it fit great.

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  1. Enrique Brennan14 Oktober 2010 05.32

    This suit fits really well and offers support for a full bust. I have not been swiming with the suit yet but I am sure it will be perfect.

  2. The seams are nice, except for on the top straps, it seems a little flimsy, but it's sewn in nicely, not cheaply so hopefully it will hold up and hide my fat this summer:P

    Nice price here, Shop around these bathing suits sell for entirely too much money, everywhere. I guess you have to pay to have dessert after all:P The color is flattering, and it's just the right length. I really love this bathing suit overall.

  3. Shelby Stevenson16 November 2011 07.32

    I like this swim dress because it fits snugly at the top so your breasts don't hang out. It's modest and a nice fabric.

  4. This is the first bathing suit I have purchased in years. I have signed up for water areobics and needed something to wear so I figured for the price I would give this a try. Talk about being plesantly surprised, it not only looks nice on but it fits a lot better than I expected. Being a large busted person I thought for sure I would have to make adjustments to the suit, but it appers to have all the coverage and support I need.

  5. The fit is comfortable and nice, the only thing that I find in question is the dress is longer than I thought it would be. I guess it is based on the size you order but as everyone knows, people come in all shapes, sizes and torso length (height) so based on THAT the swimdress is just beautiful because not all sizes fit the general public ;)
    I can always hem it and that is a FAR cry better than it being too short and not fitting. Therefore, this dress hits all the right HI marks, it was a good purchase!

  6. I bought this suit after trying 2 others. This one fits perfectly. I use it for Aqua fit and swimming laps. It is cut sufficiently that I don't feel 'exposed' during exercises. The ONLY 'complaint' is not a complaint for me. I got this in purple but had really wanted a pink suit. Well, the color fades/streaks to pink. Some may have a problem with this. Personally...I really prefer the color it is now! The fabric does not seem to be compromised just the color. I plan on ordering more!

  7. Natasha Zimmerman25 Oktober 2012 14.32

    I'd been looking for a swimdress which was inexpensive and somewhat youthful in appearance. This one turned out to be just what I wanted.It's not too long and not overly big at the bottom which would only make me look bigger.

  8. Kimberly Zimmerman28 Oktober 2012 09.32

    I wore mine for the first time today. The skirt is a bit longer than expected but I liked that. The suit fits snug and still leaves room to grow should that happen.

    I ordered a 26 because that is what the one I am wearing now is and this one is much roomier - but keep in mind my old one is probably 10+ years old and is the old sizing. If I had to do it again I would probably go with the 24. That said - the 26 still fits snug and is not baggy.

    It is made of very nice material - actually better than expected. I know it looks plain - it is not nearly as pretty as my old one. but it is comfortable and I like that the straps stay in place.

    It is an excellent bargain for the money and I would buy it again.

  9. I am very happy with this product, espically for the price. I would recommend it to anybody. Very good quality.