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Great shorts for water play!

dress woman review Kanu Surf Girls 2 6X Florence

Kanu Surf Girls 2 6X Florence

I have been looking for many years to replace the drip hanger someone made for me. None of them seemed sturdy enough to me--the clips were too cheap. These clips are sturdy and if they fall off you can easily reattach them. I bought three sets of these as I don't have a dryer. They are perfect for all my drying needs.

I have two over the door hangers and I hang three drip hangers on each one. this gives me 48 drip clips to hang socks, undies, delicates, tea towels etc. They dry so quickly this way--some in a few hours, and some overnight. I use the other set of drip hangers to hang larger items in the bathroom. I am not so thrilled with the safety catch at the top of the hanger. This is so the hanger does not blow away during outside drying. But it is easily enough overcome. So I did not delete a star because of this. If you dry outside it is perfect. I am so thrilled with them. I expect they will last a long time by the look of the clips. I have found that not having a dryer greatly extends the life of all my clothing especially underwear, socks and summer shorts. Using a mesh bag to wash underwear and delicates also helps them to last longer.

Update: Have had these hangers 20 months now and they are in perfect working order. No broken clips. Sometimes they fall off but they are easily reattached. Love them!

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  1. Jeanne Fernandez24 Desember 2012 09.32

    My kids live in the water during the Spring and Summer. I set up water tables and let them play in the sprinklers. It's easier to put on a rash guard and swim shorts than put on swimsuits every time. My daughter's on the small size for her age so I normally order a size down, but wanted these shorts to last a while so I bought a 5T. They are a little too big on the waist and although there is room to cinch the drawstring, she's just too small. I should have ordered 4T, but they are nice and cute so I'll save them for when she grows into them. Highly recommend!