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camera review Guide Gear Pop Privacy Shelter

Guide Gear Pop Privacy Shelter

It did take a little while for this product to be shipped to me, keeping me anxious in trying them out. But once I received them in the mail, I was THRILLED to discover how easy they were to put into the bikini pad inserts, and they INSTANTLY made "everything" look more appealing. I've been having this issue with a certain bikini top because it tied in the front, and it didn't lift the way I wanted it to. But once I put the Swim Shapers in, they completely did what I wanted them to do. Provide the perfect lift, that didn't look fake or like something was in my top. This is a MUST BUY if you want just a firm lift for your bikini top. The pads are not rediculously firm either, but rather very comfortable. Haven't tested them out in a pool yet, but I'm sure they will be just fine (: I had to order the cup C/D even though I am a 34B...but thanks to another review someone wrote, I was lucky (: The pads "create" the c/d cup. Just keep that in mind before you order them. Besides that, no problem what so ever! MUST BUY!

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  1. We bought this for a camping trip. Was trying to figure out how to rig up a enclosure using stuff around the house (I am very cheap!!) but gave up and ordered this. Was very happy with the purchase. We used it for showering and to hold the luggable loo. The shower worked - we didn't have a branch to hang it from so we put it on a rope strung between two trees so it wasn't very high but it felt great after a sweaty day of hiking. The shelter pops up like the Play Hut toys if you are familiar with those. Would buy again! (See my actual picture!!)

  2. We finally got a shower for our camping setup. We've used it once and it was wonderful! I need to hang the bag much higher next time, but really, after camping and hiking for 2 days, it was welcome. We used it in windy conditions and didn't have much of a problem. I staked it down over the pole for hanging trash and it worked just perfectly. Good privacy, plenty of space and I liked the open top. Great value for the money relative to the other options out there.

  3. Harold Shepard17 Oktober 2012 16.32

    The item functioned as claimed. Took less than 5 minutes the first time to set up (including securing tent to the ground with provided stakes). We are used to pop-up tents; therefore, folding it back was not that big a deal. It does not take an engineer to know that the tent is not going to be able to hold a bag filled with water. Our next camping trip on Kern river is going to be a lot more "convenience" as we plan to use this as a potty shelter.

  4. This pop up tent is very easy to use. Pops up in seconds and folds up for compact storage. The floor area is spacious which made it very comfortable. I found the shower works easiest if you simply sit down and shower. The water heated up very quickly. The material for the tent and shower bag are thin but for the price, this all-in-one is a steal. I would definitely recommend this product.

  5. Setup Easy, Teardown is another story need to get rid of those too dark fotos instructions and at least goto drawing... After settting up slight wind blew it over... Fixed problem with adjustable bungee balls.... stayed up all week.(Should Come In Kit) Also used it as a shower, Dries real fast! All Is Good After my fix....

  6. Muriel Livingston21 Desember 2012 04.32

    This item is perfect for the beach, which is what I bought it for. It's great for changing into bathing suit, or back into your street clothes. I'm so glad I bought it, and it was delivered in record speed!